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Membership provides you with significant benefits that will help grow your practice. Your benefits include:

Dynamic Dentist Profile showcasing all the information a new patient needs to find you. Practice pictures, maps, hours, awards/education and much more! You can see a sample profile here.

A digital badge of your 2024 Award that you can proudly display on any digital media, i.e. website, social media accounts, online newsletters!

You will receive a beautiful custom Wall Plaque to display in your office to showcase to your patients your 2024 Award.

You will receive Custom Stickers to display in your office or anywhere that will benefit potential new patients seeing your Award recognition for 2024.

Included in your acceptance is a package to boost your brand, including a one year subscription to Reputation Sidekick review management software. You will also receive a Congratulation’s post on our Instagram with custom graphics that will drive patients and recognition.

You will also receive a Congratulation’s post on our Facebook page with custom graphics that will drive patients and recognition. We include a link to your custom profile page.

Sure. Your member profile on will be featured on the front page, while a full profile will be showcased on your own individual page. That full page profile will feature all the information a new patient needs to find you such as: practice pictures, maps, hours, awards/education, contact info and much more! 

You can see a sample profile here.

Membership on can significantly boost your dental practice’s online presence and credibility in several ways:

Backlinks: provides a high-quality backlink to your website, signaling to search engines that your website is trustworthy and relevant, and can help to improve your website’s visibility in search results.

Credibility: Being recognized as one of the top dentists in Kentucky can help to establish your practice’s credibility and trustworthiness with potential patients, and differentiate your practice from competitors.

Exposure: receives a high volume of traffic from patients searching for dental services in Kentucky, which can increase your practice’s visibility and exposure to potential patients.

Overall, membership on can provide significant benefits for your dental practice, including improved search engine rankings, increased credibility and trust with potential patients, increased exposure and traffic, and opportunities for networking and collaboration with other top dentists in Kentucky.

Yes! Most dental regulations only prohibit a licensed dentist from compensating a third party to include his/her name in the selection process to determine the recipients of an award. did not receive any compensation from any licensed dentists in its search to identify and recognize those to be listed on Most states also allow a licensed dentist to purchase advertisements to communicate the receipt of an award. Our membership fee is considered to be payment for such advertisements. Check with your state dental regulations for more information and to ensure you comply.

The Marketing Package included in your acceptance contains the following:

1-Year Subscription to Reputation Sidekick: Reputation Sidekick is a review management software that makes it easy for local businesses to boost their reputation by getting more reviews, attract more clients, and increase trust. This software package is an $869 value.

Website SEO Cheat Sheet: Boost your website to the top of the local search engines with the step-by-step guide to over 100 actions that will increase your website ranking on Google and put you in front of more customers.

Press Release Discount: Receive 50% off ($110) a press release service announcing your award. This press release gives you the ability to use “As Seen On…” for such media channels as FOX, NBC, CNBC, and over 100 more news outlets.

3-Month Social Media Plan: You will receive an easy to follow plan to post 5-days a week for 3 months on your social media channels. 

Discount on Additional Marketing Services: Through our partner, Sidekick Consulting, you will receive a 25% discount on website design and SEO services.

Your beautiful custom wall plaque that you will be proud to display in your office or waiting area will be ordered once we have received and verified all the information required, including your first and last name as you desire it to appear, your area of speciality, and your practice name.

Your membership and recognition is valid for one full year as long as your license is still in good standing with the state licensing board. 

At the one year mark, your membership will renew. You will receive an email reminder that your membership is about to renew. 

Your membership award fee will be paid safely and securely through Stripe processing, a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Your billing and receipts will come through Sidekick Consulting LLC. Membership in Top Kentucky Dentists is an annual fee as long as your license is still in good standing with the state licensing board. You will receive an email reminder that your membership is about to renew and can choose to renew or cancel your membership.


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