Top Kentucky Dentists

Selection Criteria

1. The Science Behind

Utilizing our proprietary software and algorithms, we identified the key factors that make a award winner for 2024. This includes years of experience, patient reviews, disciplinary record, use of innovative techniques, internet presence and more. To assign weights to each factor, we created a proprietary algorithm based on their importance in the dental industry based on public data.

2. Identifying Eligible Dentists Through Algorithmic Analysis

After researching thousands of dentists and compiling data on these industry-specific factors, we entered the data into our algorithm. Using this computerized approach, we identified those dentists who were eligible to be considered a award winner.

3. Inviting Top-Ranked Dentists

The dentists who ranked at the top of the list were invited to accept their nomination on this website. Dentists cannot pay to be invited, but must earn through their exceptional skills and qualifications.

Accept your Nomination

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